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Erythritol Natural Sweetener Erythritol for Food and Beverage Industry//Zero Calorie Erythritol//Factory Erythritol Made in China

CAS No.:149-32-6




HS Code:2905499000


Erythritol Specifications:Erythritol, a polyol (sugar alcohol), is a good-tasting bulk sweetener which is suitable for a variety of reducedcalorie and sugar-free foods. It has been part of the human diet for thousands of years due to its presence in fruits and other foods. Erythritol has a high digestive tolerance, is safe For people with diabetes, and does not promote tooth decay.

Test Item



White crystalline granular powder


Clear sweet, no unusual odor

Melting range, ºC




Loss on drying, %


Ash, %


Assay (on dry basis), %


Reducing sugar (as glucose), %


Ribitol and glycerol, %


Heavy metals, mg/kg


As, mg/kg


Cont of bacteria, cfu/g


Yeast and Mould, /g


E. Coli



Erythritol Applications:

30-60 mesh, 18-60 mesh, below 60 mesh, powder characteristics: natural fermented sweetener, zero sugar, zero energy, zero calories, high tolerance, refreshing taste. When combined with high-power sweetener, it can significantly improve the bad flavor such as bitterness or metal taste after sweetener. It is suitable for sugar free food production.

Zero Calorie Erythritol for Healthe Care Products

Items Recommended Dosage  g/100m(ml) Using Effects
Beverage Carbonate Beverages 1-4 Refreshing taste, reduced sugar/sugar free, low calorie
Fruit Juice Improve the bad flavor of sweeteners, no flocs, no sedimentation, low calorie
Milk Beverage sugar substitutes, lower calories
Powdered Beverages Cool taste, zero calorie, not easy to absorb moisture, easy to dissolve
Cold Drink Ice Cream 1-5 Reduced sugar, low calorie, enhanced flavor, reduced freezing point, increased solids
Frozen Food
Candies Chewing Gum 5-40 Sugar-free, low-sugar ingredients, good sweetness, no tooth decay, no moisture absorption, fresh taste
Hard Candy
Baking Bread 2-10 Sugar substitute, lower calorie, extend shelf life, do not raise blood sugar
Alcoholic Beverages White Wine 1-4 Increase alcohol, eliminate spicy taste, improve flavor, improve transparency, reduce viscosity, fresh taste, longer foam
Fruit Juice Wine
Oral Hygiene Toothpaste 5-30 Fresh breath, prevent tooth decay, mask bad smell
Health Care Products Oral Liquid 5-30 Improves taste, antioxidant, does not raise blood sugar, high tolerance
Protein Powder
Table Sweetener 1-99 Natural pure sweetness, no sucrose, no calories


Erythritol Packing

25kg bag,22mt without pallets/20'fcl, 20mt with pallets/20fcl.Zero Calorie Erythritol for Healthe Care Products