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Food Additives Mannitol


Mannitol Powder//Food Additives Mannitol//Mannitol made in China

Molecular formula: C6H14O6
CAS No.: 87-78-5  

Maltitol is a low-calorie sweetener of colorless transparent, neutrally sticky, easy dissolved in water . Its sweetness is similar to the sugar and has high stability. It is suitable for the production of low quantity of heat, low fat food.


Maltitol has noteworthy functions of regulating blood sugar, reducing fat, preventing caries, and so on. Because of the special skill, maltitol has been widely used in food, health care products, daily health products, such as ice cream, juice products, biscuits, pickles, candy, etc.

1. In terms of food, the product has the least water absorption in sugars and sugar alcohols, and has a refreshing sweet taste,which is used for the anti-sticking of foods such as maltose, chewing gum, and rice cake, and as a release powder for general cakes. It can also be used as a low-calorie, low-sugar sweetener such as food for diabetes patients and bodybuilding foods.

2. In the industry, mannitol can be used in the plastics industry to produce rosin esters and artificial glycerin resins, explosives, detonators (nitrified mannitol) and the like. It is used for the determination of boron in chemical analysis, as a bacterial culture agent for biological tests, and the like.





White crystalline powder

Assay (%)


Loss on drying (%)


Specific rotation


Heavy metal (Pb) (%)


Arsenic (%)


Nickel (%)

≤ 0.30

Oxalate (%)


Sulfate (SO4) (%)


Chloride (Cl) (%)


Melting point ( ºC)

166-170 °C



Residue on ignition (%)



in the shade



Packing25kg bag,22mt without pallets/20'fcl, 20mt with pallets/20fcl.
Food Additives Mannitol