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High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Fructose Syrup(HFCS) , also called glucose-fructose or isoglucose, is a natural sweetener mixture of glucose and fructose that very similar to honey.As a liquid sweetener, it is an ideal substitute of sugar for carbonated beverages, ice cream, dairy products and beverages, as it gives out strong sweetness flavor especially in low temperature condition and is easier to handle than granulated sugar.The sweetness of fructose is perceived earlier than that of sucrose and diminishes more quickly than that of sucrose, which will prolong the fruit flavors in food.



HFCS is widely used in beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy products, cold food, cakes and candies. Because fructose and glucose can be easily absorbed directly in drug, use it in medicinal syrup production can be more beneficial to the patient. It also has special detoxification, can greatly reduce the burden of  liver, so it can be used as antidote of many nosotoxicosis, and also be used to promote the decomposition of ethanol and prevent drunk